We're talking with Ultraguy and Joe Power and I'm sure there's a ton of things that folks want to know. First, what's the best part of being a superhero?

Ultraguy: I would say the ability to help others. But as another superhero once said, "with great power comes great responsibility."

Joe Power: I haven't paid a toll since 1985. I fly the car around the toll booth which is technically legal. Think about that. I can go from Plilly into Manhattan for nada, toll-wise.

And the "helping people" thing, like Guy said.

Speaking of the 1980s, you haven't been seen around much since then. Where have you been and why reappear now?

Ultraguy: Heroes always appear when they are needed most.

Joe Power: Back in the 80s, when we were thrilling comic book fans with our crazy adventures, the percentage of people who read, or even knew much about comics was pretty small. But now, thanks to all these comic book movies, everybody knows about comics. When Disney bought Marvel and I saw everybody on the internet putting mouse ears on Spider-Man, I knew the time was ripe for our return.

Ultraguy: Ripe? Isn't that right for our return? Anyway, are you saying they like us, really like us?

Joe Power: Who knows, but they "get" us. Besides, all the great comic characters have been made into movies, it is either Ultraguy and Joe Power, or the Green Lama.

Ultraguy: There hasn't been a Creeper movie, has there?

Joe Power: No, just a cartoon.

Ultraguy: OK, they should do a Creeper movie.

But after that, it is either us or the Green Lama.

So where have you been all this time? First, I should say, you look marvelous. To what do you owe your youthful glow?

Joe Power: Adobe Photoshop.

What have you been doing the last 20 years?

Joe Power: Well, a lot. Many, many things, I can assure you. But exactly what, well, I feel it would be wrong to the good folks who want the rights to an Ultraguy & Joe Power movie to decide ...

Ultraguy: ... or TV show, or cartoon ...

Joe Power: ... or even a dangerous toy from China. The important thing is to leave a clean slate for our future rights-holders.

What else is planned for your web-comics?

Ultraguy: We have several thrilling adventures that are being adapted for online consumption. I think we look great in color, if I say so myself. I believe the plan is to post something new each month, just like in our comic book days.