In those pre-internet days prior to 1994 (now known as "the before time"), especially back in the 1970s and 80s, if you wanted the latest comics news you subscribed to The Buyer's Guide for Comics Fandom. Many of the great names in comics fandom appeared in the pages of TBG and they published my humor strip, "Trufan Adventures", as well. Eventually the strips were collected into two issues of Trufan Adventures Theatre. Five issues of an anthology humor comic, Boffo Laffs, followed. The material at this site are those stories, now in color and resized for your web browser.


Origin of Ultraguy & Joe Power
I never tired of being paid to reinterpret the origin of Ultraguy & Joe Power. They first appeared as a full-page strip while, while establishing the characters, made our pal Joe out to be more of a rough character than he eventually became. The version presented here has the benefit of brevity.

Ultraguy & Joe Power "Villains Anyone?"
This story appeared in Boffo Laffs #1 which, as the first comic to feature a holograph on the cover, was our chance to introduce Ulraguy & Joe Power to a large audience, and I still think this story serves that purpose nicely. This also establishes the characters for a couple of epic adventures that will follow, "Ultraguy & Joe Power vs Rex (the Wonder) Luther," "Ultraguy Gets Married" and the epic time-travel story. So check back, there are more exciting adventures to come!

"The 'Real' Marvel Zombies"
I was not the first person to coin the phrase "Marvel Zombie." I want to say it was Richard Howell and/or Carol Kalish. But, mostly thanks to Charlie Williams fantastically lurid illustrations, this strip really brought the concept to life. I wonder what these Marvel Zombies would think of the current Marvel Zombies? They'd probably be mad there's no monthly Wolverine Marvel Zombie comic. I also cornered the market on TMNT rip-offs and was the first to do a Ninja Nun ("Sister No-Mercy"), only it never occurred to me to follow-up on the TMNT rip-off thing or serve up a Ninja Nun as anything other than comedy. Live and learn.

"Charlie & Ward in 3-D"
The strip really is in 3D. If you have the red/blue 3-D glasses about try them on and see. Fortunately you don't need the glasses to get the jokes, which are 2-D at best.

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